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Are you better to buy factory OEM rims or cheap replacement alloys?  The question answers itself really, because the answer is obvious.  However, why is it that cheap alloy rims are not as good for your car as those made by the original manufacturer?

That is what factory OEM rims are - 'original equipment manufacturer' rims, made by the same company that made the originals for the auto company that built the car. So OEM Chevy Tahoe 2002 rims are made by the same company that made the original rims for the 2002 Chevy Tahoe. So what benefits are there in paying for these original manufacturer rims?

Why Use Factory OEM Rims

Here are some of these benefits, and reasons why it is better to use original rims on your car than some cheap generic alloy.

1. They Fit

The first, and most obvious, is that they will fit your car properly. Nothing looks more out of place on a car than a set of rims that don't fit right. If they are too big for the car, then you will have a lot of work to do to get them on, and if too small, you will have to alter the structure make them work properly. It is far better to buy replacement rims made by the same firm that made the originals.

2.  Your Car Runs Better

Because cars are designed as a whole machine, and not just a collection of individual components, the design of the rims is deliberate. They are designed to offer strength, rigidity and lightness - the holes are cut so that they reduce overall weight, but don't detract from their strength.

Likewise, they are designed to be as aerodynamic as possible, enabling you to get a good speed without it costing too much on gas. Not only that, but the rim design permits maximum cooling of the braking system, thus saving on pad wear and improving braking efficiency. Cheap alloy rims will not be designed only for your car, and will therefore contribute little to its aerodynamics or braking efficiency.

3. Added Strength

Factory OEM rims are stronger for your car than just any old rims that fit. They were designed for your car, and for the weight of your model. Fitting a weaker set will compromise their life and also the handling of your car. It is important that each entire wheel is strong as possible in order to maintain a good balance and reduce vibration.

4. Maintenance of Value Through Authenticity

As soon as you change original rims for non-original alloys your car drops in value. Your Chevy Tahoe is no longer entirely a Chevy Tahoe, but a hybrid. By using factory OEM rims, you maintain the price of your car by maintaining the authenticity of the parts that make it what it is, and you can get the value of that when you trade it in. As soon as you put a non-original part on any car, it loses value and likely also performance.

Ignore the Logo

Factory OEM rims are manufactured by the original wheel makers for the car company - so Chevrolet or Nissan, for example, may use Kelsey Hayes wheels, though original wheels sold to a reseller might have the resellers logo on them. Only by checking for the manufacturers marks will you find the actual manufacturer.

So even though you purchase factory OEM rims, the logo will rarely be that of the maker, but that of the company marketing them for aftersale or as factory OEM replacement parts. This way the manufacturer can sell replacement wheels at cost effective prices without sacrificing quality or safety.

It Makes Good Sense

Apart from any other reason, it makes good sense to use the correct rims on a car because you can then be confident that the car will run as it should. Many buy rims for their looks without giving a though to the brake design or sometimes even their size. Over or undersized wheels can look plain odd on a car, and not only affect gas consumption but also compromise safety.

It's fine buying rims for a car on looks as long as they were originally made for that manufacture, model and year. Just because a particular rim fits a 1994 Chevy doesn't mean it will necessarily be right for a 2002 model. Most people with the savvy to understand the effect that rims can have on the performance and handling of a car will make sure that they fit factory OEM rims and sleep well at night knowing their car is still original and efficient and safe to drive.

At this site you will find factory OEM rims for most car models, from Chevy to Porsche, and all at great prices. These are genuine rims that came with the cars when delivered. They fit exactly, look great and your car will handle as it was designed to because the design of the wheels is exactly as intended.

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